Pakuranga College Team

Gareth Davies

Pakuranga College Volunteer

Gareth grew up near Hamilton, and moved to Auckland in 2009 to work as a youth pastor. He loves getting to know new and old friends and learning what makes them tick. He is a keen drummer and enjoys picking up new instruments and making music. He is married to Andie, who works in web marketing.

Favourite Movie? Anchorman, all the way. You stay classy.

Favourite Food? I'd like to think I'll give anything a go but Italian cuisine has to be my favourite.

What do you love about being a Youth Worker? I love seeing how we are all so different. It's something I've realised over the past few years. We assume everybody thinks the same things as us but after a while you notice that the truth is anything but that! Yet it is our diversity that makes youth work (and life) so exciting.

What was your reason for getting into School Based Youth Work? I have Peter Pan syndrome - I don't want to be out of touch with youth. I love hanging out and being able to support teens going through everything that comes with being a teenager.

What would be your greatest piece of advice to young people? Never assume you have it all figured out. This is advice for old people too, but it's good to start young. We can always learn more from others, so stay teachable and don't be afraid to admit your shortcomings!