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Howick Presy Youth Alpha Camp

6th September 2008   6:00PM  

Alpha camp is a chance to go deeper with questions about life and the Christian faith. If you have been attending the Alpha series then Alpha camp is for you!!!

 Alpha camp is only for students that have taken part in our Alpha series over the last term.

 Alpha Camp goes from 6pm of Friday the 26th of September - 2pm on Sunday the 28th of September.

 We are meeting at Half Moon Bay Marina by the Sea Link Terminal at 6pm on Friday the 26th of September traveling to Waiheke Island via the Sea Link Ferry.

Returning at 2pm on Sunday the 28th of September to the Sea Link Terminal for parents to pick up campers.

 We will be staying at a beach house on the Island and will have separate sleeping accommodation for males and females.

Camp Cost: $50 including your ferry ticket

 Please open the PDF file for all the info

And contact Matt Chamberlin if you want to attend or have any questions


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